Credit Card Billing Cycle

The modern world believes in fast lives and races to get ahead in every aspect whether professional or personal. This whirlwind demands a strict organisation of every aspect of life too or it may catch up and leave any person frustrated due to the chaos. The main facet that requires this organisation with urgency is finance. Usage of credit cards has become quite the trend and necessity all at the same time. However, it is important to keep track of credit card billing cycle and the payment due date in order to avoid unnecessary charges and get the best advantage of credit cards.

What is the credit card billing cycle and how it works

A billing cycle is a period during which one’s credit card transactions are recorded and the bill is generated in the form of a statement. This statement is issued to the card user by the respective bank at the end of the billing cycle. It usually has a range of 25 to 31 days but can also vary depending on the type of card one uses and the policies of the bank. At the end of a billing cycle, the customer is presented with the invoice statement and the choice to pay it in full or just a minimum amount. However, if the person chooses to pay the minimum amount of the bill, the bank levies a certain amount of interest on the remaining amount and add both the remaining amount and the interest in the next period’s billing cycle. Therefore, a person should make full payment as often as possible. However, if it is not possible, the minimum amount should definitely be paid to avoid late payment penalties which can be quite high. At the end of a billing cycle, one might wonder if the payment due date can be changed but it is not possible. The billing cycle, however, can be changed by contacting the bank’s customer service.

Some tips

The bank issues the credit card billing statement through various sources which include e-statement on one’s email id, a physical statement on the registered mailing address or an online-statement provided on the official website of the respective bank. The banks also provide the option to either download or print the statement from the online source. One can also request a duplicate statement if they are not able to access the original one which may require some charges by the bank. People should also be more precautionary and alert regarding their credit card statements and always check some things such as statement date, grace period, transaction details and credit limit availability to avoid any increase in the payable amount due to wrong information. Also, card users should keep an eye on reward points and redeem them to gain the most benefits and discounts from their credit card usage.


It is essential to know about the credit card billing cycle and how it works to prevent any inconveniences in the finance department. This will make a person lead a much-relieved life.