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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Can it ever work? Relationships, is seems to me, are built on trust and emotional feelings. How do people manage to suspend these values and maintain any relationship?

Before you ask I don't fancy it myself, I could not detach the two lives. I'm sure it does work for some, but I'm like you- I don't think I'll ever be one of them. Picto Posts: 23, Forum Member. I got a horse for my wife. I thought it was a fair swap. Bob Monkhouse. Elyan Posts: 8, Forum Member. Most of them seem to be fat and middle aged. I found out a few years ago that a couple I know are into wife swapping, I was quite taken aback but if that's what makes them happy, who am I to judge?

I watched a programme last week about sex Wife swap forum. Swinging., the people featured on that seemed to love the life they live! Jealousy didn't appear to be an issue, and they got very turned on by their partner having sex with other people. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Miss XYZ wrote: ». Elyan wrote: ». Iqoniq Posts: 6, Forum Member.

It's something that people do to appear cool, and so they can rub it in their mates faces that they can "shag about and get away with it", as I heard it phrased once. When I thought life was all about hedonism I was involved in a couple of "open" relationships where we were both free to see others alone and as a couple. At the time it seemed great, but at the end of the day it was just Wife swap forum.

Swinging. sex and nothing more. There were also times that I was asked to be involved, but the guy or girl did nothing for me and it felt like I was performing on demand. Yes, sometimes I'd meet someone that knew what they were doing and how to do it, but even then it still felt empty afterwards. My wife knew about what I'd been into when we got together and she said if I even considered it with her then I'd be out the door so fast my feet wouldn't touch the floor.

Funnily enough I've not even been tempted because I love her and the fact that pretty much anything between the two of us is OK that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. There are 'cuckolds' who enjoy the fact that their partner sleeps with other people, but a lot of the time they either won't be involved, or if they are they're stuck with "clean up duty".

I've got nothing against people doing what they want with other consenting adults, but thankfully I've grown up now and realise that I don't need to prove how cool I am by the amount of people I can bed. As long as the participants are consenting adults, then what they do is their business. I wouldn't do it myself and if wifey even suggested something like that to me I'd fall off my chair in surprise.

Actually, I'd be hurt if she did.

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I'd wonder why she was doing this Personally, where myself and my wife are concerned, I can't think of anything that would be more destructive to our relationship. I've watched documentaries on swinging in the past and as others have said it seems to be popular among middle aged people. I'm not quite sure what the attraction is going to a party and having lo of sex with random people, whom I'm likely to not find attractive.

When my husband and I have sex, it's meaningful and passionate. Armi Posts: 3, Forum Member. I think it must be more about having your partner have sex with someone else, rather than you having sex with someone else. Otherwise you'd just go off on your own and do it in secret. JackKlugman Posts: 5, Forum Member.

I knew a swinger in my old job. She was middle aged and made no secret of the nookie parties she went too. Armi wrote: ». I dunno. I don't see how you can love and respect a woman, and then enjoy seeing her getting rumped silly by another bloke.

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I suppose my mind works completely differently to those people. Ooh er missus. Blondie X Posts: 28, Forum Member. Picto wrote: ». Hypnodisc Posts: 22, Forum Member. The idea seriously interests me and my partner threesomes, orgies, bukkake, both with many men and many womenso I can understand it entirely.

I think some of us, more than others can completely mentally separate love and sex. The biggest factor is communication I would say. We discuss it, a lot, and if one of us did something like this without telling the other then it would be very different that would basically be cheating. We share it as both a fantasy and a reality even if me or her is doing something with someone else, the other will watch and play themselves. I suppose it's just one of those things. Different strokes for different folks.

We're also both fetishists, exhibitionists and BDSM fans though, so it's not like we aren't adventurous and always pushing our own limits anyway. Hut Posts: Forum Member. So we put our Keys in the pot and shook them well. I got the AA Box:. Smufter Posts: 1, Forum Member.

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CravenHaven Posts: 13, Forum Member. My image of swinging has been colored by the revelation that the Krankies were swingers. Can only think of that little face popping up with a manic giggle. Puts me right off me stroke.

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CravenHaven wrote: ». Not my cup of tea. All a bit sordid.

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As others have said, many of them are old and fat. The last thing I want to see in a sex situation is some fat old naked bloke with a bald head getting his knob out.

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In the 90's I had a partner and we were into threesomes, partner swapping etc. Now I'm married to someone else and we both have a friend with benefits. We both know about the other person and they both know the set up too. I meet with mine fairly regularly, although probably no more than three times a month and usually, but not always stay the night, and even when I do stay the night we don't always have sex.

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