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At Wooster Community Hospitalyour health is our No. We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the information you need. Not only will you find critical information below concerning testing and precautions you can take to protect yourself and loved ones, but also what you can expect at our facilities. If you have any questions, please reach out to the call center at Wooster Community Hospital in Wooster, Ohio, at The online scheduling system will regularly be updated with more appointment availability.

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If there were not available time slots for the vaccine please retry at a later time. If you're under 18 you must come with a parent or legal Adult Wooster finder Wooster Wooster to receive the vaccine. The piece of the virus by itself is harmless. However, our bodies recognize it and mount an immune response against the virus protein, building up immunity in case we are exposed to the actual virus in the future. These vaccines cause immunity without ever having to be exposed to the actual or weakened form of the virus. Studies for these vaccines gave participants either a vaccine or a placebo shot.

People were then followed to see if they would develop COVID infection; not just test positive, but also have symptoms. Is the accelerated timeline for development and approval safe? No steps were skipped. However, due to the nature of a pandemic, development and distribution of the vaccines were made more efficient by doing some phases of research at the same time instead of one after the other.

Time was also saved by producing multiple vaccines even before the of the research was known. The safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines underwent full review by a group of independent medical experts who recommended their emergency approval by the FDA. It is important to note that these vaccines have also been found to be safe and effective for use in other countries. A lot of the science that went into the vaccines was already known based on decades of research on Coronaviruses as well as mRNA vaccines.

Can we normal life as soon as we are vaccinated? The vaccines should be the first step in getting life back to normal, but it will take time. A ificant portion of the population needs to be vaccinated to gain enough immunity against the virus to prevent its ificant spread. However, it has not yet been proven that the vaccines stop a vaccinated person from having and spreading COVID infection without having any symptoms. Therefore, people who have received the vaccine still need to wear a mask and social distance to prevent possible asymptomatic spread until this question is answered. It is possible that boosters could be needed in the future, however, more research over time is needed to answer that question.

Community Vaccine Location Map. Wooster Community Hospital remains vigilant in providing a safe environment for our patients and staff. As we continue to deal with the current public health crisis, below is our current visitor policy in place as of April 12, We appreciate your understanding as we work through this challenging time together.

You are welcome to call the nursing unit for updates or you can contact the patient directly using their cell phone or their hospital room phone.

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If you feel your condition warrants an emergency room visit, testing may be available as part of that evaluation. Get information on symptoms, testing, what to do if you are sick, and at risk groups. Find tips for managing your daily life, including going out, running errands, and coping with stress. Your insurance will be billed, but no co-pay or out of pocket cost for anyone. This option will be available M-F 8a-5p. All these precautions are in place to assure the safety of all patients and staff member.

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Learn about common medical conditions and treatments in our interactive patient education center. Send us your feedback and read about the experiences others have had at Wooster Community Hospital.

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Our health care services include urgent carecardiac rehabilitationdiagnostic imagingwound healingbehavioral health servicesweight loss managementemergency carecardiovascular Adult Wooster finder Wooster Wooster, outpatient rehabilitation servicesinpatient withdrawal treatmentscomprehensive cancer carewomen's health carediabetic servicesrobotic-assisted surgeryanesthesiologychiropractic servicescolonoscopyendocrinologyendoscopyinternal medicinepulmonary health servicespharmacy services, orthopedicsspeech therapy, sleep medicineand oncology and infusion services.

Visitor Limitations. Inpatient Visits We are now allowing 2 support people. However, they must come for separate visits. We are still only allowing one support person at a time for inpatient visitation. We are still not allowing children. We are allowing both parents at the same time for inpatient pediatric admissions. The only exception to this is OB. We are allowing 2 support people during labor only. The 2 support people may alternate visits after delivery. Outpatient Visits We are allowing 2 support people for outpatient visits.

Wooster Community Hospital employees are unable to give over the phone. Please note that test will be available through the ordering provider or through our patient portal WCH eCare. Donate Today. Patients will be scheduled for surgery at a minimum of days after their office visit with their surgeon. COVID testing occurs the day prior to surgery in most cases, once the patient is tested they are required to self-quarantine until their time of surgery. Surgical patients may have one person with them as a support person and driver.

Pediatric patients under the age of 12 may have two support people, one of which must be the legal guardian of the patient. The support person s and patient will be screened when entering WCH and will be required to wear a mask for the duration of time at the hospital. Footer Patient Education Learn about common medical conditions and treatments in our interactive patient education center. Tell us what you think!

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Adult Wooster finder Wooster Wooster

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